CT PT Load Box Precio : 0 $

https://www.mktester.com/transformer-test-system/load-box/ct-pt-load-box.htmlProduct description:

CT PT load box Please use an appropriate power cord for this product. Only the power cord dedicated to the machine or a suitable gauge can be used.

Connect and disconnect properly. Please do not connect or disconnect the test lead if it is connected to the charging terminal.

Ground the machine. The grounding pole of the machine enclosure must be grounded, unless the product is grounded through the power ground wire. To avoid electric shock, the grounding conductor must be connected to the ground. Before connecting the input or output terminals, make sure that the machine is properly grounded.

Technical index:

1. Model: FY98

2. Power factor:0.8,1.0

3. Rated current:5A

4. Rated voltage:100V

5. Current range:5%~120%

6. Voltage range:20%~120%

7. Rated capacity(Current):2.5~60VA; (Voltage):1.25~158.75VA

8. Accuracy Class(Current):±3%+0.0025VA

9. Rated frequency:50Hz


Light weight, elegant figure,large capacity.

1. Package protect product and its components from being damaged or loosening during delivery and storage.

2. We have taken measures to avoid vibration, bump and impact during delivery.

3. Obvious signs and symbols are painted on the packing box to indicate product name and precations.

4. Each instrument is accompanied with product certificate(including the pre-delivery test data ), packing list and user manual.

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