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Transformer Integrated Test System -1600kVA This system has two operating modes (two ways to operate interlocking, only in an operation mode), retaining the original transformer integrated test table button mode, increasing microcomputer operation, how to operate Simply click on the mouse on your computer monitor to complete the test. All operations Perform the system PLC to start its command execution unit, complete the test. In addition, the system also configures the video surveillance system to monitor its test area, safer, more reliable. The system set test once wiring, test control, monitoring, measurement, protection, display, data acquisition, analysis processing, measurement control, storage, printing, protected, all the test is automatically completed, high efficiency, high precision Highlight advantage.

Technical parameter:

Current transformer measuring range and precision Current transformer range: 0.1A ~ 200A
Current transformer gear: 5A, 10A, 20A, 50A, 100A, 200A
Current transformer accuracy: 0.05%
Power frequency withstand voltage test Output voltage: ≤ 50kV
Leak current: ≤ 200mA
Overcurrent protection: can be set
Dressing timing: automatic timing
Instrumentation accuracy: 0.2%
Input current monitoring instrument Monitoring range: ≤100A


1. Two mode of operation: Auto mode, button mode, and two operating modes automatically interlock;

2. High degree of automation, one-click start can be automatically completed, load test, load test, variable ratio measurement, DC resistance measurement, power frequency test, induction test

3. Design flexibility: can design users required by users, mode of operation, data management, test report style, etc .;

4. High integration, complete function, meet high pressure 35kV and below; capacity 31500kVA and the following transformer factory test;

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