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Transformer load box is also called current transformer load box, voltage transformer load box, PT load box and CT load box. Current, voltage transformer load box and transformer load box. When testing current and voltage transformers, PT/CT mutual inductance The load box provides a variety of effective loads and is an ideal accessory product for various transformer verification devices.

Major Technical Index

1. Environmental conditions

Temperature:5—40℃ Humidity:<80%(25℃)

Altitude: <1500m Power frequency:50HZ

2.Rated capacity:2.5-60VA (O-2.4Ω)

3.Test range:5%-120%

4.Secondary current: 5A,1A

5.Power factor:0.8,1

6.Accuracy Class:±3%±0.0025VA

7.Tested voltage:2kV

Advantages :

The output current capacity is large, the weight is light, and the appearance is beautiful and stable.

after-sale service:

1. If there is any quality problem within three months since the day it is sold, we will provide free replacement service. But the users can’t disassemble it by yourself.

2. We provide free repair service if there is any quality problem within a year.

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